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We provide all of our services customized and appropriate way for each client.

Leasing services

Bait Al Aman International Real Estate Company manages the property with the tenant through a professionally prepared lease contract, and by signing the lease The tenant receives the information that helps him to preserve the property and the tenant pays all rents, insurances and any fees according to the legal and financial regulations adopted .

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Collecting rents

Al-Aman employees deal with the tenant in a professional way because positive relations with the tenant lead to the payment of rent in a timely manner And to create continuous cooperation with the tenant which enhances confidence in the property as well as better care for your properties.

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Maintenance Services

Maintenance is one of the basics in real estate management, as the return from these properties can be greatly affected if maintenance and repairs are not completed in a timely manner and at the lowest cost.  Our reliable maintenance saves you time and money and ensures that repairs will be carried out in a professional manner, through trustworthy Bait Al Aman employees. The House of Safety has a team of specialists and technicians in all disciplines to deal with maintenance and repair of real estate. In addition to low-cost services, a guarantee to reduce maintenance costs and raise their quality..

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Real Estate Management

Al-Aman International Real Estate provides a variety of services that meet all the requirements of the real estate market efficiently and with high accuracy, through a specialized team with experience in dealing with all stages of development in our projects. These services are provided in accordance with scientific principles that include research and preliminary studies to assess the feasibility of projects and the stages of their implementation, with units delivered to clients, and include research, evaluation and development, in addition to real estate marketing..

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real estate development

The project development team at Bait Al-Aman Company has a long experience in the field of management, where it cooperates closely with the relevant sectors and consulting firms to support project development in the main markets of the company, He also makes unremitting efforts and undertakes deep studies to expand and take advantage of possible opportunities that contribute to the company's business growth and prosperity. The project development team is based in the global real estate house Also by ensuring the stability and vitality of the company’s growth, by identifying job opportunities and developing the organizational structure in the company, It is also specialized in dealing with all kinds of risks, including: studying clients and monitoring the sector and the market in general to identify the most important economic factors and competing companies. Study new investment opportunities and develop the company's expansion strategy. Develop strategic relationships and establish alliances with other companies besides strengthening relationships with Clients. Maintaining the company's policies and strategies, managing its reputation and branding. Developing proposals to improve effectiveness and increase productivity. Designing and implementing quotations and providing feasibility studies for proposed projects..

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Marketing and advertising

The owner of the property suffers a great loss every day in which a property remains vacant. Here, the experienced Al-Aman Real Estate Company team works to avoid losses by expediting the advertisement of the property and renting it as quickly as possible. The team of Bait Al-Aman Real Estate Company provides advice.  In the following: Determining the monthly rental price based on a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the property, the location and services close to it, and easy access to transportation.  Provide advice and guidance on how to make your property ready for rent or sale..

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Legal services

Despite careful consideration of the tenant’s choice, there are cases that may warrant eviction, employees of Bait Al Aaman International Real Estate Well versed with local rental laws. If the rent is not paid on time or the terms of the lease are violated The Bait Al Aman Real Estate Company begins to take legal measures to recover the rental property as soon as possible to reduce costs..

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Comprehensive accounting systems

The goal of real estate management services is to increase income and reduce spending. Bait Al Aaman International Real Estate has a centralized accounting system that enables you to track the income and spending of your property. This system contains all the detailed financial data .

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Continuous communication

You can contact with Bait Al Aaman International Real Estate Company 24 hours Through the contact center (+ 96550909499) or through Whats App service on (+965 69997802)  You can contact the staff to answer any questions..

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About Us

BAIT AL-AMAN GLOBAL REAL ESTATE Company was established in 2013 to become one of the leading companies in the region,
also supervised by a specialized professional cadre .. They put at the top of their priorities the building of strong working relationships based on principles of partnership in interests and goals,
And provide a variety of comprehensive services and integrated real estate products that target the highest returns with the lowest risk,
And providing opportunities for real estate development and real estate investment in Kuwait
BAIT AL-AMAN GLOBAL REAL ESTATE provides all real estate solutions designed according to the market needs.
The company is currently working on marketing, developing and managing many real estate projects in Kuwait
It is carefully selected and initially the company’s work was limited to marketing the local real estate until it developed its work and became a developer and marketer role in addition to its effective presence in Kuwait, and seeks to expand its base to diversify its customer base in order to provide activities based on diversity, innovation and added value.cadre Package Various products and services to its broad customer base
• real estate development
• Real Estate Marketing
• Managing others' properties
• Real estate consulting
Real estate market studies and research

The company places its highest priority on preserving its customers and working to increase its market share by providing the best real estate programs, taking into account the guarantee of the best prices and best returns while providing high-quality services.

Our vision: -
Pioneering the local market and crossing the borders of the region by providing distinguished real estate services, working with professionalism, dedication and integrity.

Our message: -
• To be a reliable partner in terms of ideas, innovations, quality of service provided and mechanisms that improve development and customer outcomes.
• Developing appropriate services in response to changing market conditions and investor needs.
• Striving towards the highest standards and level of commitment in achieving customer satisfaction and excellent service.

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